Advertising Payment Information

Payments for Advertising

Current Advertisers have access to more detailed payment information within the
Private Advertiser's Forum: Please click here for the Private Advertiser Forum
New advertisers can request that information via e-mail.

Advertising on this site can be paid via the following methods:
- Cash Bank Deposit (Completely Anonymous)
- Visa / MasterCard / American Express (via an on-line payment processor)
- E-mail Bank Transfer - Interac

Please Note: GSI Promotions (Erotic Canada) takes no responsibility for lost or stolen payments. You should keep all payment receipts for tracking purposes.

Professional Income Tax:
If you need a receipt from Erotic Canada, it will be e-mailed to you only by request for the complete taxation year. Monthly tax receipts are not available.

Cash Deposit

You can pay for your ad in cash at any branch of a Bank of Montreal
Deposit is made to a Business Account for GSI Promotions and has no reference to Erotic Canada within the bank
You are not required to show ID so there is no paper trail back to you personally, it's completely anonymous
You will need to leave a your "Ad Name" (not your real name) so the payment can be associated back to you
Otherwise, anyone could claim it as their payment
For example if you advertise as "Mary", leave a message with the teller like "From Mary"
The message will also be your proof of payment as it is recorded directly to the bank statement.
Please contact the Administration for complete Banking Information
Interac (E-Mail Bank Transfer)

Money can be e-mailed via your on-line banking
For more information see:
Please contact the administration for details
Credit Card Payment

Credit Card payments can be made via an on-line payment processor
Please contact the administration for details