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Apply to become an Erotic Canada Agent!

50% Commissions!

Erotic Canada is currently looking for agents across Canada to help bring new advertisers to the website. As you help build the business, you will also help yourself with a major secondary income.
As an example, an Agent for London Ontario would have earned OVER $12,000 for the full year of 2010 (based on the number of ads for that year).
The more you put into promoting your area, the bigger your return.
Declare your home based business at income tax time, then write off your expenses for big tax saving advantages.

See the information below on what is involved as an Erotic Canada Agent.

Who can be an Agent

Anyone can apply to be an agent as long as you are not affiliated with a competing ad site.
You will be required to maintain a minimum number of new advertiser sales per year. This number will be based on the area you represent and can change as that area becomes more active on the website.
No experience is necessary. Erotic Canada will guide you with ideas and suggestions to build your business.
You just need to make an honest commitment to this site.

What an Erotic Canada Agent does

As an Agent, you will be responsible for building up a specific area of the website.
Areas are divided into cities across Canada which you can choose to represent, as many as you think you can handle. However, the larger the territory, the bigger number of minimum annual sales you'll be required to meet.

You will be required to bring in new advertisers, as well as promoting Erotic Canada in as many places as you can. The more traffic you can bring to the area you represent, the quicker you can start earning a higher income.

How you make money off this

For each ad you sell, you will earn a commission. Current payout is 50% for new and renewed ads.
All long as you maintain your accounts and required minimum sales, you will continue to receive the 50% from your current accounts. The more effort you put into it, the greater the potential return.

Payments for ads are made directly to Erotic Canada. Agents are paid their commissions by Erotic Canada once a month.
You are subcontracted as a self-employed sales person, so you are responsible for your own taxes on money received.
However, you can benefit from declaring yourself a "home based business" and writing off expenses including your computer and internet connection.

How long this lasts
All agents are reviewed every 6 months.
If you haven't met your minimum requirements, your role as an Agent for Erotic Canada may be terminated. If you represent multiple areas and haven't met requirements for all areas, some of those areas may be taken away and given to other agents.
If you misrepresent Erotic Canada or abuse your role as an Agent for this website, your commissions and your role as an Agent will be terminated immediately.
If you have met all your obligations, but Erotic Canada still wishes to remove you as an agent (for whatever reason), your position would be phased out over time. New sales will be discontinued immediately and existing account commissions would continue for a maximum of 6 months as long as the advertiser continues paying their ad fees.
Erotic Canada reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.
How to get started