Advertising Payment Information

Payments for Advertising

Current Advertisers have access to more detailed payment information within the
Private Advertiser's Forum: Please click here if you are a current advertiser

New advertisers
can request that information via e-mail.

Advertising on this site can be paid via the following methods:
- Visa / MasterCard / American Express (via an on-line payment processor)
- E-mail Bank Transfer - Interac

Please Note: GSI Promotions (Erotic Canada) takes no responsibility for lost or stolen payments. You should keep all payment receipts for tracking purposes.

Professional Income Tax:
If you need a receipt from Erotic Canada, it will be e-mailed to you only by request for the complete taxation year. Monthly tax receipts are not available.

Interac (E-Mail Bank Transfer)

Money can be e-mailed via your on-line banking
For more information see:
Send your payment to this address

Credit Card Payment

Credit Card payments can be made via an on-line payment processor
Please contact the administration for details